"An Interesting person playing interesting characters... that's the magic of an actress."

Tiferet Peterseil began her career on the set of Jerusalem, Israel. Sandwiched between 9 brothers and sisters, raised in a Jewish Orthodox home (Mother-tongue English), she moved seamlessly between her dynamic, action-packed family and the real-life everyday drama and challenges of growing up in Israel.

In fact, it wasn't long before she realized that her life sort of resembled the movies. So why not make a career out of it?

Tiferet began performing while still in high school, moving on to major roles in plays and musicals both in Israel and abroad. She credits her multi-cultural background, politically charged surroundings and the 8 clones that tend to keep tabs on her with the volatile mix of passion and humor that she brings to every role. 

Tiferet played Miss Hannigan in "Annie" and Kristine Eurich in "A Chorus Line" creating quite a sensation with her original, humorous portrayal of these characters. Coming from the Bible center of the world, Tiferet played Elisheva, the wife of the High Priest Aaron, confronting her husband when he failed to "rand and rave" at the loss of two of their sons.

After tweaking her professional skills in the acting schools of LA, California, she catapulted her career onto the big-screen, performing alongside major Israeli actors. Her naive, innocent looks, combined with her elegance and powerful stage-presence allow her to take on the most challenging characters. recently she played the blind pianist (she plays piano beautifully in real life) who serves as the muse for Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. And she just completed filming the lead role for "NOLA", a short film competing in international festivals.

Living in Israel puts things into perspective, and Tiferet is an advocate of the famous saying, "Laughter ist he best medicine". She regularly performs Stand-Up comedy while continuing to pursue acting, full time.

Tiferet enjoys playing piano and guitar, tap dancing and singing, the outdoors, and writing. She currently writes a blog, HOLLYWOOD EAST, for the Jewish Journal of Great Los Angeles, and is working on mastering a third language (to go with classic European Audrey Hepburn look) -- Italian.

Alternating between her family in Jerusalem, her apartment in Tel Aviv, and her career across the globe, Tiferet enjoys re-adapting herself to tnew places, people and roles. She's looking forward to filming her latest movie "The Journey", as she kicks off her stand-up comedy tour in April.